Losing a loved one is never easy and losing your parents makes it all the more poignant. And though as the years pass the pain of losing them goes away, it never really leaves you.

As part of the grieving process we decorate our beloveds’ graves with trinkets and mementos and often times flowers. Such was the case when, over Labor Day weekend, my wife and I brought over two, large, yellow mums to place on either side of my parent’s stone at Monadnock View Cemetery.

So, imagine my surprise when, upon a recent visit, we discovered that someone had stolen both and left one hideous, purplish plant on one side. The person or persons who stole those mums must have searched the cemetery for mums to take, for my parent’s grave is in the interior portion.

It makes me think that this is not the first time you perpetrated such a despicable act. You found a grave with mums to your liking and, using your apparent moral value system that says that it’s OK to take what is not yours, you stole them.

I suppose the ugly plant you left was an attempt to placate my parent’s loved ones who come and visit my parent’s grave. Tell me though, was this a plant you perhaps received as a gift, facetiously telling the person giving it to you how much you love the plant only to find a convenient way of disposing of something that you truly didn’t like? I suspect that this is the case.

So, I hope you enjoy the purloined mums. And I hope that every time you look at them, they remind you of the unnecessary hurt you’ve caused someone whom who don’t know and never met.


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