I live on Douglass Street and notice the frequency with which people leave things they no longer want on the corner of Douglass and Beaver streets on quite a regular basis. I’d often thought how good it is for someone to be able to leave something and have someone who might have a use for it take it off their hands.

This year, though, it has developed into an eyesore. It seems to me that if the object is not taken after maybe two days, the person who left it needs to take it back and deal with it. This summer someone left a couch on the corner, which sat for literally weeks, even after it rained on it and then someone spray painted on it. The person or persons shamelessly passed by and let it sit there for literally weeks.

Lately, there has been stuff sitting for a week or two, even after several rainfalls. I think it’s quite disrespectful to the neighborhood and wanted to comment on it.


89 Douglass St.