This is in response to the letter to the editor (“Question it all about the COVID vaccine,” Feb. 15) from Rebecca Montrone, a local “holistic health” practitioner, who made unfounded claims that COVID-19 vaccines are dangerous.

In doing so, she credited the Weston A. Price Foundation as a reliable source of information. I looked at the site, and it is full of pseudoscientific claptrap, including claims that the coronavirus variant that is currently causing the worldwide pandemic doesn’t even exist. It reminds me of the same nonsense that surrounded the HIV virus in the early days of AIDS. Back then, there were also scientists, claiming to be uniquely knowledgeable and cited by others to be unafraid to speak the “real truth,” saying that HIV wasn’t the real cause of AIDS.

On a happier note, I enjoyed the site’s prominently displayed advertisement, showing a picture of a beaming family with the caption: “They’re happy, … because they eat butter!”

Wow! I like butter, but I wish happiness (and good health) were that easy!