Recently, a Keene police lieutenant told the public to disobey a city ordinance on mask wearing.

Granted, he was off duty and not in uniform when he made that statement, but he is still an officer of the law who is telling citizens to eschew a law that is meant to enhance public safety.

If a teacher ever did anything like that, even outside the classroom, that person would be censured or fired. Unjust laws like “divisive concepts” should be broken by citizens, but mask wearing isn’t one of them.

Mask wearing is about slowing the spread of COVID-19. This police officer is encouraging people to spread the virus.

Should we not stop at red lights anymore or exceed the speed limits on roads? Is it open season on all just laws?

This police officer should be demoted, censured or even fired for his reckless comments. Why should taxpayers provide the salaries of police officers who disrespect the law and who encourage citizens to do the same.

This pandemic is killing people at high rates and to politicize measures to protect safety should not be tolerated, especially by people who should know better and who are charged with enforcing the law.



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