I am a 7th-grade New Hampshire resident, a fisherman and a hunter. I see many plastic items and dead animals in the woods and water. Just last summer I was fly fishing in the Cold River and there was a dead snapping turtle with a plastic bag in its mouth.

Plastic one-time-use bags and other items are death traps for animals of all sorts, freshwater and saltwater, and House Bill 560 — a bill to ban plastic bags in New Hampshire — will help the state of New Hampshire and the surrounding places. It will help the lovely place that we call home by saving our animals and polluting less of the environment. For these reasons House Bill 560 should be passed

Plastic bags are a big problem for mainly underwater life like fish and turtles and can move around very easily. According to “Plastic Statistics,” 100,000, marine animals die per year from plastic bags. Killing that many fish and other marine life a year is just terrible and dumb. Even in New Hampshire, there is a chance that one bag, floating all over the place, could possibly kill multiple animals.

Recycling one-time-use bags is very rare. The company Waste Management explains that only 1 percent of plastic bags get recycled. That means that on average a family only recycles 15 bags a year instead of the 1,500 bags it uses. Even though some of the bags end up in a landfill, not all of them do. According to World Populations, there are 1.356 million people that live in New Hampshire. If every family was average size, New Hampshire would use 2,034,000,000 bags.

If House Bill 560 was put into place, those numbers would go down to close to zero. Why are we hurting animals and the Earth when we don’t have to?

Save animals and not five minutes or less to grab some darn bags. Let’s lets do something for our lovely area instead of ourselves for once.

Thank you for your time.


320 Tory Hill Road