Summer’s over. We approach a new year. This week brought Veterans Day, or Armistice Day, as my parents called it: “The eleventh hour, on the eleventh day of the eleventh month,” a day set aside to commemorate the “War to End all Wars” — as if saying it should have been enough.

Now it’s more than 100 years later, and the chances of world peace still hang in the balance. You’d think we as a species could do something to take care of our planet, as the religious say. I think our responsibility is to preserve what’s left of the not-so-pristine planet, to tender it forward to the younger generation.

Regardless of the population’s intentions, it seems that the first thing to go in times of crisis is environmentalism, a sort of attitude which says, we’ll fix whatever later — first we have to secure this or that resource (oil, gold) before we can worry about polar bears and coral reefs.

With current conflicts ranging from global pandemic strife to the interminable race war couched in religiosity, there’s little surprise that things have gotten petty.

Instead of worrying about homelessness and drug addiction, and overt or tacit racism, we are concerned about supply chains and preventing unwanted abortions.

Let alone the reality that childhood poverty and mental health numbers are stuck in a bureaucratic limbo. Despite the fact that more unvaccinated people are dying of the COVID epidemic, a majority of one political party rails against masks and modern, proven immunizations.

While the mean atmospheric temperature still rises, the amount of greenhouse gases continues to warm our planet. Look for more moisture in storms and more intense disasters on the calendar. Let’s hope the efforts of COP26 will stave off future bomb cyclones or atmospheric river dumping on American cities.

Oil frackers continue to burn off, and let escape vast quantities of precious methane, polluting without consequence because our Environmental Protection Agency got its teeth pulled by the last administration.

The same bunch of cronies who walked back our voting rights are making gerrymandered districts here in New Hampshire and across the country. I tell you, there’s a lot of mean-spirited people who are too lazy to do the work we need done. Those same people prohibit the refugee immigrants who want the work to arrive and settle to the task.

Mobilize, register and vote to end Trumpidiocy forever!