In recent news:

Over 10,0000 petitioners, conservation committees in 35 N.H. towns and a number of town officials have told the governor they don’t want a natural gas pipeline in their communities.

Kinder Morgan has finalized its application for five members of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to consider. Reportedly, four of them have ties to the oil and gas industry.

State political leaders and at least one presidential candidate have come out opposing the pipeline.

Liberty Utilities has asked the three-person N.H. Public Utilities Commission for an extension in Jaffrey.

TransCanada has now filed legal action, saying the president’s denial of the Keystone Pipeline project permit violates the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)

Rep. Susan Emerson of Rindge is lead sponsor of HCACR 14, a clarifying amendment to our N.H. Constitution that says, in part, “sustainable environmental and economic development can be achieved only when the people affected by governing decisions are the ones that make them.”

“Too often the interests of big corporations are considered and the rights of our constituents are ignored by preemptions that forbid local lawmaking. And too often wealthy corporations threaten to bankrupt towns that stand up to them. This amendment will put self-government at the local level back into the hands of the people,” Emerson has said.

HCACR 14 is the initiative of the N.H. Community Rights Network (NHCRN) that I have been part of since its founding in 2013. Find out more by visiting websites of NHCRN and our partner, Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF). CELDF builds on 20 years of experience and a firm basis in environmental and constitutional law.

Concord lobbyists are already at work, trying to kill the bill. It is time for N.H. citizens to assert our rights, stand up to the corporate bullies and protect the health, safety and welfare of our communities.

If Jaffrey petitioners succeed in getting signatures of 25 registered voters, March Town Meeting voters will consider a resolution supporting the NHCRN amendment to reclaim our right of community self-government.

The Jaffrey Library has text of the constitutional amendment, town meeting resolution, and information to copy and share. Contact me if you’d like to help with the petition effort.

Deborah Sumner

474A Great Road