I agree with Mr. Coey (“Beggars, at least make some effort,” Reader Opinion, Aug. 22) that people reduced to begging need help, and my two dollars or five dollars won’t do much for them.

Most people want them to “get a job.” I can only speculate that people who beg have been unsuccessful at finding jobs or keeping jobs due to some mental or physical instability. What employer wants to take on an employee who is unstable in some way, or who can’t come up with good references or a good resume?

My very small donations are more for me to acknowledge my own luck that I am not out in the cold, rain or snow, relying on the kindness of strangers for something to eat.

I take the fact that they are slow to indicate acceptance of a donation as a way to not really beg, but to allow people who do choose to give — to make the first move — or perhaps to avoid a lecture or advice that they should get a job.

And, I should add, kudos to the many organizations that do provide meals and some kind of accommodation to those who need them.


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