There are phonies in the world and Mike Pence is one of them. He’s the head of the task force on the coronavirus, yet he doesn’t wear a face mask in public like the doctors and scientists recommend. Why? He says he gets tested for the virus weekly so he knows he’s not infected.

Might I suggest to Pious Pence that maybe this is more than just about you. Maybe in your position of leadership you might have to put yourself out and set an example for the rest of us — like wear a face mask. Did you ever consider your not wearing a mask is an insult to the workers and health care providers that risk their lives to minister to the ill?

It’s comical, really. He’s more afraid of women than he is of a worldwide, uncontrolled virus. He won’t meet with a woman in a room alone unless his wife is there, but he’ll walk around with a virus raging all around him, maskless. He always has this pained look on his face like he’s smelling flatus and would do the world a service by wearing a mask.


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