Keene’s name is OK. Thank you, Allen Ansevin, for your recent letter (“There’s no reason for name change,” July 17) showing that we can live with our city being named after Benjamin Keene. Even if Benjamin Keene were not to be recognized as a respectable diplomat, there are good reasons to stick with the name.

I have always liked the name for what is conveyed by its homonym: the adjective KEEN. Definition: “(of a sense) highly developed. Example: I have keen eyesight.” Other words with meanings similar to keen: sharp, penetrating, discerning, sensitive, perceptive, clear, observant, subtle, intelligent, wise, insightful, sagacious, astute. All great qualities, right?

So let’s take the name of our city as an invitation to strive for these qualities. Yes, I am really keen on keeping Keene.


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