I am a retired teacher of 34 years. I am very concerned about schools reopening in the near future.

Even with the plans offered, there is no way the students or staffs will be safe. Are the schools going to hire professional cleaners for every school, additional custodians, stagger students entering and exiting the buildings, and providing the necessary safety items to everyone? Schools don’t even supply tissues to each classroom.

The job of cleaning the schools during the day is crucial. With one bathroom being used by at least five classrooms, one or two sinks won’t work. Busing issues abound, as well as realistically social distancing the younger students. If you calculate how many people each family will be exposed to with even 50 percent of the students, the number is frightening.

The administrators and governor making these important decisions won’t be in the schools. Using common sense and the science behind this virus dictate a safe environment and that is not reopening schools at this point.

I hope a lot more thought goes into the final plans keeping the students and the people who work and drive the students in the forefront of your minds.


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