Well Juneteenth has come and gone and The leader of the free world has started up his racist, xenophobic, American-Nazi-coddling re-election steamroller, to the delight of red-MAGA-hat-wearing zealots everywhere.

In his campaign speech, he accused others of doing what he has already done, namely stealing our democracy.

With power well in place, we can expect the Donald to insult and bequeath himself into a second term, by taking up the same mantle he used to skewer Democrats last time — divide and conquer. Forgotten is the drubbing they gave him in the midterms.

With his victories obvious: bringing bigoted, biased judges to the courts writ large; with an economy chugging along on petrochemical and penitentiary dollars, how could it be anything but a cakewalk for the climate change denier-in-chief?

So what if mile-wide tornadoes wipe clean entire populations of red states. He’ll just say something to blame the Democrats anyway. His fake-out tax cuts for the wealthy have helped his image with the under-educated, who think that making a dozen billionaires richer could translate to better conditions for the under-$70,000-a-year crowd. The tax cuts’ expiration date looms large, and minimum wages in the Granite State still languish.

Of course to liven things up, he’ll start with mass deportations of immigrant families on one hand, while threatening actual war with Iran or North Korea or Venezuela — take your pick.

What he can’t achieve with the chaos of his tariff policy, he can undo, with his half-baked, nonpermanent acting Cabinet, in his revolving-door residence on Pennsylvania Avenue, just around the corner from his namesake hotel, favorite of international VIPs and germaphobes everywhere.

He’s managed to get everyone worked up about his p***y-grabbing attitude on abortion and women’s rights in general. Equivocating anti-racist peace marchers with militant white-supremacist torch bearers in Virginia is just the beginning. Dismantling the EPA, Obamacare, diplomatic services in general, he will further erode the safety net which formerly existed for disadvantaged people.

Endangered species be damned; to hell with low-lying areas in flood-prone plains. Forget about Native Americans and mining and pipeline moratoriums. Don’t even think of reparations for victims of slavery, our original sin.

Mitch McConnell may think that his white privilege has nothing to do with anything, but he’s dead wrong, because black lives matter, now more than ever. Impeach!


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