As Joe Biden might say, I have three words of advice: Don’t trust anyone over 70.

Biden, Trump, Warren, Bernie (who sold us out last time), Hillary and Bloomberg are all part of the problem.

Watch out for this DNC trick: They nominate an experienced oldster, and their vice president is an articulate, box-checking (that means from an historically oppressed demographic or two), DNC-controllable climber. This controllable climber will probably be corporate-creation Buttigieg, Booker or, most likely, former-corrupt-prosecutor Kamala Harris. The plan is that oldster steps aside early in the first term (due to health), and the DNC-controllable climber becomes president. This means nothing will change, and Trump will win the independent vote and the election, or worse.

The divided public is becoming painfully aware that while Trump is not satisfactory, the CIA/mainstream media/DNC alliance is the more destructive problem. Tulsi Gabbard criticizes and fights them; Andrew Yang has caught on and is beginning to respond to mainstream media. Trump has broken his most critical promise; he hasn’t drained the swamp.

Yang is opening an office in Keene on New Year’s Day at 44 Main St. Please support Tulsi and Yang. Go to Tulsi2020 and Yang 2020 to see what they stand for. Yang’s universal basic income mitigates many economic problems. His Democracy Dollars align money with voters. Yang is brilliant, compassionate and entertaining.

Tulsi’s genuine anti-war and anti-nuke-buildup stances solve many other problems, redirecting government funds to more constructive purpose. She is very courageous and creative.

Tulsi has done four amazing and gratifying things as a candidate:

1) Tulsi effectively took down a leading contender, by demonstrating that Harris was a corrupt prosecutor;

2) Tulsi sued Google for at least $50 million, because it played favorites in search-routing of candidates;

3) Tulsi called out Hillary for the monster she is;

4) and Tulsi began/supported a process toward 911 truth.

Please remember to vote on Feb. 11 in the Democratic primary. New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation primary result can make the difference. Please do your part. I believe that Tulsi-Yang is the best ticket for the country, and is also the only Democratic ticket that can beat Trump.


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