When mass shootings occur calls to ban guns come to the fore as they tend to do when innocent people die in the carnage. The theory is that taking away the instrument of the killing will stem the violence and make society a safer place. The logic is flawed because it does not address the dynamics that lead shooters to kill indiscriminately.

Daniel Patrick Moynihan warned in the 1960s that experts (political and academic) were bringing about the disintegration of traditional families; he was promptly ignored and ostracized as social engineering was imposed supplanting parental guidance with a government bureaucracy. By the time many of the children of the Great Society entered school they were recalcitrant, disruptive and dangerous, without the compass and natural controlling mechanisms — including respect for authority and discipline — that come from families with two biological parents.

In the 1980s these unruly school children were seen as a serious problem, so the American Psychiatric Association fabricated a designer mental health condition — attention deficit disorder, later attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. This allowed the schools to control the kids by darting them like zoo animals. Today there is a growing segment of the population artificially damaged by the introduction of powerful drugs that rewire the brain and turn them into killers. A greedy elephant in the room is overlooked.

The American Medical Association, the American Psychiatric Association, the pharmaceutical industry and the National Education Association are the prime culprits in mass killings due to the introduction of poisons administered to the population that change brain chemistry and essentially create monsters.

Millions of kids are jacked on Adderall or Ritalin from the time they are 7 years old and the chemical remodeling of the developing brain turns some, like Parkland school shooter Nicolas Cruz, into wild animals. You can take away all the guns and these ideologically manipulated beasts, created by the established quackery of the same medical, academic, pharmaceutical and political experts that gave us the opioid crisis, will find a way to kill.

Public shootings will continue to take place as long as media covers for bad government policies and ignores the root causes that medicate, isolate and propagate the suicidal psychosis that turns some into mass murderers.

Lyndon Johnson’s legacy has come home and we may need guns just to survive the odious aftermath.


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