On July 20, on Route 10 south, my family and I were driving home and witnessed a very distraught woman who was walking in and out of traffic. We were headed home on Wetmore Street and felt the need to call 911 before she hurt herself or got hit by a passing car.

I was connected to dispatch and a person said they would send out an officer shortly. We pulled into our home and walked to the end of the road to check up on this poor woman. She kept yelling “help” and wouldn’t stand still for very long. Thank goodness the police cruiser arrived and approached the woman.

Due to the fact that she was still going into traffic, a few more police officers were called to help. They were able to talk her off the road and eventually get her to sit still. An emergency vehicle arrived shortly to assist her. All the while, my family looked on and witnessed compassion, gentleness and kindness.

I was very moved and touched by the way the police handled this situation. Clearly she was not well.

Thank you to the KPD for taking care of a very vulnerable citizen.

Last October, I lost my brother to drugs and mental illness. I pray that those officers who knew him tried their best to be as compassionate and kind as the officers we witnessed Monday.

It’s not an easy job. I appreciate those who feel called to protect and serve. Thank you KPD.


18 Wetmore St.