The president and first lady have tested positive for COVID-19; there is little doubt that no one is safe. We are in a state of attack from a foe that comes disguised like a Trojan horse. It makes every friend an enemy. It hides in apparently innocuous places and delivers itself covertly via the overt tendencies of its targets to gather in groups. It is the ultimate superweapon and it appears to have the footprint of human engineering. It has an unnerving unnatural aspect to it. Did someone open a Pandora’s box?

Wouldn’t that be the real story? Why is the 600-pound gorilla in the room ignored? Does anyone have any idea what gain-of-function research is? Pathogens exist in nature, but the majority are random and fail to reach pandemic proportions because they lack the necessary connections to attach themselves to the mechanisms of cellular structure that are in place to defeat them with immune responses. What if bioresearch could use DNA technology to weave and combine special connecting abilities from other viruses into new viruses so they could circumvent nature?

What would happen if a Frankenstein scenario like this got out of hand? No need to wonder; it is happening right before our eyes. When the president of the United States is not safe, no one is safe. We are playing with fire on this issue because this is an election year in our country and partisans are using the intended or unintended release of crafted bioweapon research for political advantage while the economic destruction of our country unfolds like a slow rumbling wrecking ball.

Whether someone wears a mask or not has very little relevance in the way of protection because there is no effective physical barrier to contact or airborne plague that is on the march 24 hours a day in every corner of society. There are too many variables in the mix and the poison just lurks waiting for any lapse in human judgement which is inevitable.

Can we turn to science to save us? First we have to realize that science is what has attacked us. This is not just a national threat, it is a global threat and if the human species is going to survive there are certain ethical protocols that must be followed and this business about we have to do it because others are doing it will take us down.


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