Attention: Kevin Beal, Attorney Stephen B. Bragdon, John Pappas, ZBA members Joshua Greenwald, Arthur Gaudio and Chairman Josh Gorman as well as the “respected” developer who bought a building in Manchester the night before it was slated to be sold for a homeless shelter, landlords, business owners, residents of the Valley, Water and Church Street and King Court neighborhoods and all NIMBYers:

Shame on you! Society is judged by how we treat our most vulnerable brothers and sisters. I believe we are morally obligated to treat everyone as well as we treat ourselves; apparently you don’t. Fortunately, we live in America and you have the right to express your opinions, as do I. You make Ebenezer Scrooge and the Grinch look like heroes by comparison, because they admitted they were wrong and made things right, and you can, too. I hope you make the right decision because karma is kind, compassionate and always has the last word, at least in my world. I favor Tiny Tim’s philosophy: “God bless us, every one!”

I define everyone as homeless people, Black, brown and indigenous people, poor and rich people and all men, women and children, and choose to never discriminate against anyone regardless of their age, race, intellectual ability, sexual orientation, political persuasion, socioeconomic status or religion, and truly believe that all people have a moral and legal right to adequate housing, enough food, medical treatment and protective clothing.

You can help repair some of the damage you have caused by withdrawing your lawsuit against the great city of Keene. Am I correct, attorneys Bragdon and Jason Reimers of BCM Environmental and Land Law, that you are representing the 19 residents in the King Court area, because they fear homeless people might reduce nearby property values and don’t trust Executive Director Mindy Cambiar of Hundred Nights to follow through with the shuttle plan she described, which guarantees guests would not be on site during the day?

There is an old, but very relevant saying, “Out of sight, out of mind,” that appears to work well for you. Don’t worry, homelessness isn’t contagious. I wish everyone peace on Earth and good will to all.


28 Lee St.