Recently, Gov. Baker of Massachusetts and Gov. Lamont of Connecticut joined forces to publicly pitch similar legislative proposals for curbing prescription drug costs, plans that would financially penalize drug manufacturers for excessive price increases. I would certainly like to see Gov. Sununu and the New Hampshire legislators join these fellow governors in attempting to address this important issue.

As you know, New Hampshire has an aging population that has an increasing need for prescription drugs. Many are on a fixed income which is impeded by the high cost of prescribed medication. We also are presently dealing with a major issue of increasing mental disability problems. Many of the issues are caused by people diagnosed with a mental illness but can’t access their prescribed drugs due to the high cost.

I think participation in a similar program as the other two states would be a win/win for New Hampshire as there would be bipartisan support to address this problematic issue. I strongly urge you to contact Gov. Sununu and local legislators to give this matter strong consideration.