I supported your previous fundraising campaign; however, I refuse to support your latest crowdfunding campaign or any future fundraising efforts.

First of all, your mission statement states “wants the reader to feel a sense of belonging and empowered to be engaged in the community.” How can I, as a reader of The Keene Sentinel, feel a sense of belonging and empowered to be engaged in the community when you refuse to print an article I submitted giving a different viewpoint to Molly Kelly’s article?

I sent in what I considered to be an Op-ed article or N.H. Voices because it was over 400 words. I was trying to give a different opinion and perspective to what you considered printable from Molly Kelly. You are NOT adhering to your mission statement.

Quite frankly, I get more news and information from the evening news and the Internet, and I usually get it before I receive the paper. I only subscribe to The Keene Sentinel to get local and statewide news.

Your fund drive has high goals that are not sustainable. If you were to achieve your goals and hire more staff, where will the money come from in future years? Many newspapers are floundering from lack of advertising and readership. Many newspapers have gone out of business. Where will The Keene Sentinel be in five or 10 years?

I would encourage The Keene Sentinel to change its policy regarding articles written by its readers. If the Union Leader and other newspapers allow articles to be published in an Op-ed opinion column or N.H. Voices article in their papers that are written by mere commoners, then why can’t The Keene Sentinel? I do realize that you may need certain guidelines, but you should empower your readers to be more involved in the community that they live in.