Regarding the letter about (“For dogs, parked cars in summer are hell on wheels,” June 3) by Lindsay Pollard-Post:

The primary discussion was to avoid leaving pets in vehicles during the heat of summer.

However, she began the article with a story about a 75-year-old man who had locked himself inside his vehicle with a defective key fob, and apparently no key. She described a terrifying, near-death experience of being trapped for 14 hours.

I thought it responsible to point out (in case another person found themselves in the same situation) that, with the vast majority of vehicles, there are two options to resolve the problem.

Even without a key or key fob, in most vehicles the driver door has a lock/unlock switch that is connected to the “always powered” circuit, even without the key being on. This is a part of the same system that keeps your clock active after the vehicle is shut off. If you press the unlock side of the switch it will still be powered to unlock the door.

Another option, with most vehicles, would be the lock/unlock knob in the door, at the bottom of the window.

Even without a key-on, you still can grasp the knob and raise it manually.

This will also unlock the door.

I’d try this before frantically screaming for 14 hours!


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