Thank you, thank you, thank you to ALL those who were contributors to the success of the recent Swanzey Congregational Church yard sale.

Thank you to all the donors of goods and time. The yard in front of the church was filled with all kinds of treasures. Thank you to those who came to shop and made our efforts worthwhile. We also thank The Sentinel and The Shopper News for their support and kindness.

Too often one hears grumbling about today’s teenagers. Let me tell you about the Monadnock Interact Club. The members are all students at the high school.

For years they have been helping us at our suppers and various other events. This sale was no different. On a warm summer morning, when many of them might have still been sleeping, they showed up to help us set up. On a very hot summer afternoon, they showed up to help us put things away.

Everyone was masked and sweating. There was not one complaint. There were many happy sounds. For an older congregation, the help of these teens is crucial. That they are willing and happy about doing helpful work is a huge plus. They were certainly a blessing to us, and we wish many blessings on them.

In this time of confusion, restrictions, and acting out, we need a sign of hope. On Aug. 7, it was just a yard sale, but so much more. There were enough “signs” to bring all involved new hope and the knowledge that these teens and their advisors will help to make our world a better place.

Blessings on you all,


P.O. Box 207

West Swanzey