I’ve known Mitch Greenwald for a number of years, mostly from council meetings and some from other interactions. So, I recently met with Mitch, to get additional insight into who he is and why he is a candidate for mayor.

I found Mitch to be easy to talk to, our meeting to be enjoyable and informative and as a result I met Mitch The Candidate.

We talked about his growing up in New York, his father’s business, attending Keene State, meeting his future wife, starting a family and living in this community for over 40 years. Mitch is clearly the most qualified candidate for mayor, for a number of very important reasons. His many years on the Keene City Council have provided him with a background on issues, the protocols on how the council works and have given him a firsthand view of Keene’s constantly changing landscape.

That knowledge base will be essential to a full understanding of what Keene and its residents need to deal with in the 21st century. Mitch has worked hard to get where he is today, with nothing being handed to him. His father had a business in New York, yet Mitch decided to stay in Keene after attending Keene State College, building his own successful business and, with Riki, raising their family.

Finally, Mitch has also chosen to live and work in Keene, and has no desire to move on to another political role after being mayor. He is here to stay, making use of his knowledge of the city and the council, in leading Keene into the future. Experience in city government and in building a successful business from the ground up; educated at Keene State College; choosing to marry, have a family and reside in Keene for 40-plus years — pretty valuable qualifications for an incoming mayor.

I expect most voters will agree. Please vote in this very important election on Nov. 5.


659 Hurricane Road