Thank you, Terry Connors (“Writer Completely Distorts CDC Study,” March 24) for your letter setting the record straight regarding a prior letter written by Gwynneth Kelley (“What if masks only protect us by 2 percent?” March 22), in which she proved that she did not understand how to read CDC data, but still felt qualified to tell the rest of us that there’s no point in masking.

It’s important that data be available, but unfortunate when people who don’t understand how to interpret it cite it in an attempt to convince others of fallacies born of their misunderstanding. Kelley’s foolish conclusions remind me of something I’ve suspected for a very long time: that in a modern society, innumeracy is as dangerous, perhaps more so, than illiteracy.

There is a reason why places with strong mask compliance do better in controlling the spread of particle-borne infectious diseases than do places where mask compliance is poor. For the time being, wear a mask!