I recently got two pieces of starkly divergent political propaganda messages in the mail on the same day.

One was from the N.H. Democratic Party, picturing Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and their spouses lined up wearing face masks. Bright color printing. Large-letter caption: “We Will Build Back Better.” The message was upbeat, talking about “building back an economy that works for working people,” “helping small businesses get back on their feet,” lowering the cost of drugs and health care, and making “a better, stronger America.”

“Eliminate the Trump tax cuts for the super-wealthy” was the only mention of Trump, and no photos of him.

The other was from the N.H. Republican State Committee. Pictured were uncomplimentary photos of Biden, Harris and ... Bernie Sanders. Somber color printing with stuff burning up in the background. It was full of bitter insults: “Joe Biden and the Radical Left attacked America”; “they turned their backs on us”; “they want to destroy our jobs”; “Joe Biden and the Radical Left are attacking our values”; Biden & Co. attacked God, law and order and our police “at the Democrat National Convention.” (By the way, a correction: it’s Democratic National Convention).

Now we hear Trump warning us that if he loses, the transition of power will be violent. So you better vote for him. I will not.

“If you elect a clown, you get a circus.” This clown, if re-elected, spells the end of American democratic government under the rule of law. His Republic (just imitating) circus is deadly to our nation. He’d look great in a clown costume or an orange prison jumpsuit, matching his orange toupee. His many unspeakable crimes richly deserve prison time, less luxurious than Trump Tower or Mar-a-Lago — which he proudly bills as “The world’s only 6-star club.”

Are you rich enough to belong? ($200,000 member fee).


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