Math and science go hand in hand. Following the science is only as good as following the math. The front page article in the Oct. 2 Sentinel claims “Rural Americans are dying of COVID at more than twice the rate of their urban counterparts.”

Two paragraphs later it states “Since the pandemic began, about 1 in 434 rural Americans have died of COVID, compared with roughly 1 in 513 urban Americans.” More than twice? Really?

Further in the article it states “Pre-pandemic, rural Americans had 20 percent higher death rates than those who live in urban areas.” Coincidentally, that is almost the exact difference between the two rural/urban statistics. The articles headline is nothing more than shock factor. I might as well read Facebook.



(Note: The statistics above are correct; however, the point of the story is that rural death rates from COVID are roughly double those of urban areas right now. The overall number of deaths since the pandemic began doesn’t reflect that because early on, the outbreaks struck urban areas much harder.)

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