We are shocked and indignant at the new wars, our Iranian strike for instance, and their widespread prevalence. Yet if one looks as far as the soldier and weapons in every town square, we understand their remaining relevance!

War should be afforded the attitude of a funeral; not a victory or triumph. We are significantly less evolved collectively than our conscious intentions of peace.

There is an underlying interconnectedness between war monuments and weapons in every town square nationally and the endless wars raging throughout the world. It’s not enough to only take down Confederate war monuments, but ALL war monuments.

Perhaps there could be an effort in Keene to remove the soldier and weapons from the center of our community and replace them with something more life-affirming like art or sculpture?

I do think there are necessary wars but if we want to shift our collective intentions toward a peaceful and livable coexistence then placing war at the center of each community needs to change.


11 Court St.