Hi, just wanted pay high compliments once again to local services. This time it’s a bike shop and can’t say enough about their hometown service.

I’m pretty committed to riding a bike year round if at all possible. Recent bikes and gear that have hit the market make that more and more possible even as birthdays continue to sneak up on us. Today I stood up a little hard on the pedal and maybe cold temps played a role and my chain snapped, over by the Co-op. So, nice day for a walk as the sun started to set.

Norm’s Ski and Bike happens to be on my way home. It’s around 4:30 p.m. ... and the Open sign was on. I went into the shop and realized I could buy a new chain … the tech had gone home. I realized I could have easily tweaked a cog on some part of the derailleur … so a tech would have been nice.

The manager was so kind and called his tech in to repair my wheels. How cool is that!

Anyway … a lot to be said for local purchase!