At a called meeting for worship with a concern for business (via Zoom), in Seventh Month (July) 2020, I was one of the people who approved the following statement:

“As members of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), members of Monadnock Quaker Meeting are deeply concerned about the threatened Israeli annexation of parts of the Palestinian West Bank. Such an action would violate international law, formalize land theft, further entrench inequalities and the denial of Palestinian rights, and move a just and lasting peace further out of reach.

“We call upon Israel to abandon its plans to carry out this calamitous act, and we urge Israel’s partners and friends to take a clear and unambiguous stand against annexation. Positive change will not come through unilateral action.

“Guided by our commitment to justice and equality, we respect the dignity and worth of every person living in the region. We support efforts to promote human rights and the rule of law for all, in order to build a future where Israelis and Palestinians might prosper in peace.”


350 Troy Road