Those who cite voter apathy as a risk to our democracy, take heart!

In what is said to have been the largest turnout for a caucus in recent memory, more than 130 Democrats gathered right here in Keene via Zoom to elect the city’s Democratic Committee leadership, at-large delegates, ward chairs and other roles. Some of the 19 positions that were filled had been vacant for years.

This impressive turnout was the result of a significant organizing and outreach campaign.

“We pulled together a dedicated slate of candidates and worked very hard as a team over the last month to make this happen. It was a real grassroots effort that brought in a lot of new folks,” said Shaun Filiault, who was reelected for another term as chair.

The new vice chair, Rep. Amanda Elizabeth Toll, also commented: “Tonight, Keene Democrats elected a slate of candidates who care passionately about public policy grounded in compassion and justice. We are committed to bringing people into our party while building a movement from the ground up, using the energy of people from the front lines, activists, organizers, and volunteers, towards a common purpose.”

We’re going to continue drawing in inspired younger voters and others eager to roll up their sleeves and get down to the fulfilling work of making progress.



(This writer is secretary of the Keene Democratic Committee.)