Of note is the way Republicans are showing the true reason for their use of the phrase “local control”; that being to deny state financial support for New Hampshire communities, especially schools.

Period. That’s it.

Recently, the House has championed a slew of bills to limit vaccine mandates, and not just COVID vaccines. These bills generically refer to mandates, including those that have been in place for years. Republicans apparently miss the fact that folks are no longer contracting polio as a result of vaccine requirements for school attendance.

Now I read about a bill to limit the ability of localities to manage how they work with Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The reasoning per the bill’s sponsor; “We have to protect our borders,” and “There’s no way of knowing who is coming in.”


The hypocrisy is appalling. Fess up, Republicans! You only espouse “local control” when you want to reduce state taxes (mostly for corporations) at the expense of education and other public services.




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