In the 2016 election Hillary Clinton famously called voters who supported Donald Trump a “basket of deplorables.” Not in my lifetime am I aware of the demonization of the voter by a candidate.

There have always been stark disagreements in politics. The age-old idiom is that if you want to have a civil get-together of family, friends or business associates, never discuss religion or politics. But Hillary Clinton took this to a new level of acrimony making it necessary for her supporters to not only dislike the candidate, but to break up family and friend relationships because of who they wanted to support.

This is now being carried forward after the results of the 2020 election. Now that Trump has been defeated, some representatives in Congress are actually making a list of Trump supporters to cancel them forever from the bureaucracy in Washington.

Let me see, when did we last have a “enemies list”? Oh, yeah, that was Nixon. We see where his list took him. And the list before him was McCarthyism. That led to his destruction, too.

Leave the rancor between the politicians who are paid to argue their positions. The cancel culture that has emerged is destructive to the family fabric of America and has to end. If it does not we will destroy this country from within, which is the only way our Founding Fathers envisioned our republic ending.


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