Having watched the second of the Democratic debates, I am so confused. Is Joe Biden running for president, or is he advocating for a third term for brother Barack? Is Joe the candidate, or is it Obama? Methinks Papa Joe rests a little too comfortably on Barack’s laurels, which I feel is largely undeserved.

I voted for Obama/Biden. Given the history of the administration, including its devotion to the TPP, I wouldn’t do so again. I never thought Joe Biden was either a good or viable candidate for office. Watching his too-frequent defensive posture throughout this second debate, as well as his heavy reliance on the Obama factor, I remain unconvinced.

It is a shame that Americans as a rule vote for familiarity. Barack Obama accomplished little on behalf of the vanishing or vanished middle class, and less for the all-but-obliterated working class. While he campaigned on the promise of returning overseas manufacturing to America — twice — he did not once advance legislation promoting the same.

He did nothing to veto China’s status as a most favored trading partner, despite that country’s blatant manipulation of their currency and our import laws, and never mind its lengthy and disgusting record of human rights abuses.

He won the magic race card, as the whitest black candidate we could possibly elect, and he shamelessly massaged that and used it to promote the same agenda as every Kennedy, Bill Clinton and, of course, coronation candidate Hillary.

He was not, in the last analysis, a very good president, and I would argue, not the best for the time, either. Yet Papa Joe is heck-bent-on-leather on leaning on his name during these primary debates.

America needs to clearly grasp that our country, our community, our family and every other social group in our lives is exactly as we allow it to be. If you love war, continue to elect neo-liberals like the Clintons, like Obama, like Papa Joe.

Love slave wages and chronic poverty for 90 percent of Americans, wages that have stagnated for 45 years? Papa Joe is your guy.

Want yet another president who can never, ever admit he made errors, voted the wrong way, touched the wrong woman, smelled too much hair, did the wrong thing? Papa Joe is your man.

It appears to me that little has been learned by Democrats from the Trump victory. Surely — surely — we can do better.


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