The Soviets lost a battle in 1991 but they may have won the war. Most of us know by now that the people who run casinos figured out a long time ago that suckers are everywhere, looking for a trip to easy street. Few get there but they keep coming and PT Barnum’s quote that there’s one born every minute is as true today as it was all those years ago.

Some of the biggest casinos in America today call themselves liberal arts colleges and the promise of great jobs and successful outcomes is like the mesmerizing whir of slot machines to marks just waiting to be parted with their money. Of course the only real winner is the house, better known as the college administration.

After the Sputnik scare of 1957, the government got involved with education and, as usual, it got its bearings and social engineering tactics from the Titanic. Colleges began dumbing down curricula, coming up with glorified Tupperware seminars like black history, women’s studies et al.

Today many liberal arts colleges have abandoned useful education and are in the business of mass producing discordant stoogery.

One clod from Keene State College followed a U.S. senator to Washington, confronted the leader of the free world and yelled: “Hey, Mr. President, f*** you!”

That kind of academic product suggests that the school has devolved from a casino into a payday loan center embarrassing a small New England city worldwide. Funny, no one seems to notice or care. A status quo is preserved, as usual.

Sens. Sanders and Warren are on the campaign trail preaching forgiveness of college debt; debt that is no different from the losing bets of an unlucky patron in a gambling joint. Are Warren and Sanders calling for government to forgive your car payments, your mortgage or your lottery losses?

Why did Keene State pay its former president $285,000 yearly? She destroyed the reputation of a school and got over $300,000 in severance pay. How many of those kids will get jobs that don’t require a degree tethered to an anvil of debt that could last a lifetime?

Instead of Warren and Sanders fishing for taxpayer money to forgive college gambling losses, why don’t they go after Ponzi schools like Keene State, where elite administrators get the gold mine while the kids get the shaft?

Was it Trump who really colluded with Soviet socialist ideology?


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