I urge voting rights advocates in Dublin, Harrisville, Jaffrey and Roxbury (Cheshire District 9) to support Rep. Doug Ley for re-election. At the local level, voting rights is a transpartisan issue.

Not so in Concord. Most legislators (of both parties) I’ve dealt with in recent years seem to think elections are about them. They got “elected” and trust the process. So should voters. “Ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” is the common attitude.

Secretary of state policy is considered a “higher law” than our N.H. Constitution and laws consistent with it and a federal law that protect our voting rights, our votes and our elections.

As a result, Jaffrey voters (and all others who cast their votes on the AccuVote optical scan now “counting” more than 90 percent of all New Hampshire ballots) can be illegally disenfranchised and have their votes stolen.

If we have a problem with that, our secretary of state says, we can hire an attorney and “take it to court.” The attorney general will defend his policy at public expense and argue against our constitutional rights. If this doesn’t show our election system is broken and needs fixing, what does?

Rep. Ley has tried to change that. But it’s extremely difficult to change a well-entrenched culture.

He has said, “Trust in our elections is the basis for trust in government.” I agree.

Gun-rights advocates know who supports their issue and they vote.

If you believe elections should be about us voters, vote for people like Rep. Ley to be our voice in Concord.


474A Great Road