Several media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter, have decided to monitor their sites for posts containing untrue information. In some cases, they label the positions as containing misinformation; in other cases, they delete them.

I challenge The Keene Sentinel to meet these same standards. If you feel that letters such as the one by Rebecca Montrone in Monday’s paper (“Question it all about the COVID vaccine”) must be printed, at least label it as containing factually wrong information. Just because she cites an Internet source at the end of her letter does not mean anything in the letter is correct.

There are too many different pieces of factually wrong pieces of information in this letter to describe, but I will simply point out the very first point she made is simply not true. In fact, neither the Pfizer nor the Moderna vaccine protect against mild symptoms. They are both designed to prevent serious illness, as has been repeatedly mentioned in many different sources.

I support freedom of speech as much as anyone else, but it is time for all of our media sources to have some minimum standards for truth.