Once again, we have another community non-scientist, John-Michael Dumais, doing his research on political websites instead of science websites and reaching unsurprisingly incorrect conclusions.

I could spend the time debunking every point he makes, but this is futile, since next week he and other politically motivated persons will have another set of incorrect data.

So instead, I will try to use plain old logic. My question to you, the reader, is, why, since all of his sources (CDC, New York Times, WHO, OSHA, Denmark) have published studies “proving” that masks don’t work, do all of these same sources continually beat the drum about how important masking is? There are two possible explanations:

(1) There is a massive conspiracy to force people to wear masks. Fortunately, this massive conspiracy is completely incompetent. So incompetent, they publish studies that disprove what they are trying to prove, thus sabotaging their own agenda.

(2) The author has selectively chosen articles and studies that support his argument, even when those studies have been subsequently rebutted.

I think we know which explanation is more likely. I like a good conspiracy theory as much as the next person, but reality is much more interesting than make-believe.

In conclusion: Masks work. Wear a mask!