To Dianne Martin, chair, N.H. Site Evaluation Committee:

Since it took my letter of early January just to get the transcript of the secret SEC meeting of Nov. 23, 2020, I am using that public-letter route again to ensure that I will get notice of your planned follow-up meeting, and that it will occur well before the expected sound measurement project you scheduled for Mr. Tocci in spring 2021.

The transcript of your November meeting showed the tragic result of the absence of the proper technical expertise, which has always been available, and provided by, the UNinvited participants. To avoid a repeat of this tragedy, I will shortly be sending a detailed list of questions for Mr. Tocci to answer well prior to your expected meeting, thus substituting for your committee’s lack of expertise.

These will be fundamental questions on sound generation and broadcast, which apply to any questions of the sounds perceived by the neighbors of the Antrim Wind facility. They require no research by Mr. Tocci, nor the release of any proprietary information. In fact, any first-year student in meteorology could answer most of these questions. I am always available to assist Mr. Tocci with any questions he might have.

I anticipate notice of both the resumption of the November 2020 hearing, and Mr. Tocci’s responses to my simple questions.