I am appalled to learn that Trump has been acquitted. He’s the worst president that America has ever had.

It has been proven that he is a womanizer, a filthy-mouthed person, a downright liar, a bully, not to mention how unfaithful, as was reported, he has been to his wife and family.

The other thing is the phone call business where he tried to get political dirt on Vice President Biden, an obvious frontrunner for the Democrats in the upcoming election.

Isn’t it obvious to our Republican representatives and senators that this president is running America just like he ran his cut-throat business? He doesn’t care who gets hurt in the deals he’s made as long as he came out ahead of others. He’s running the country like his failed business deals.

Are we to continue to let him be a tyrant and lead America down the toilet? Trump’s presidency is a downright joke. The rest of the world is laughing at America. I say that we let the American voters decide. Put it up to the voters.


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