A recent Sentinel editorial lamented the lack of transportation for businesses wishing to expand west from Manchester or Nashua.

Ask yourself, do we really want to become another Manchester or Nashua? Most of us who live in the Monadnock Region live here precisely because we do not.

When I first came to New Hampshire in 1967, it was a vacation, staying at our neighbor’s old family home in Bartlett. I knew immediately I would eventually make New Hampshire my home. I intended to live in the North Conway area. Then, I saw much of the natural beauty of the Mount Washington Valley destroyed by over-development and outlet centers. So much for that idea.

Later, I discovered Keene. Perfection itself. A small college town, surrounded by rural communities, and off the beaten track. I made Keene my home in 1991.

As is inevitable, change happens. However, Keene has, for the most part, avoided the problems that plague other regions of the state.

The last thing we need is to sacrifice the beauty of the area for profit. In some ways, that has already started. Hillside Village, a haven for the old and well-off, destroyed an old forest, prime hay fields and an old home, ruining the rural nature of Wyman Road forever.

We need quiet places such as the Monadnock Region. To the editorial writer, I say be careful what you wish for. You just might get it.


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