It’s time to evolve!

Propaganda is massively pumping fear into us over the pandemic, causing people (again) to voice their hatred for those who do not think like them. Can you see it’s purposeful intent to divide us?

No matter what, people are getting COVID. It doesn’t matter if you are vaccinated, unvaccinated, masking, isolating, making your hands raw with washing and sanitizing. All cohorts of people are going to get COVID.

We can sit here and point fingers, hate, judge, blame, assume one cohort is more intelligent than the other, one cohort is the cause — or we can accept this will happen.

If we radically accept this, we can begin to live in peace. We can turn the fear into positive energy, which will help us be healthier people, because we will be in a healthier community. We can do what we feel is right for us without hating others who stand differently on this matter.

Hate is a choice, and it’s always the wrong choice. Right now, history is once again repeating itself for the millionth time. It’s time to evolve; let’s all choose love, caring and kindness, even if we are in fear. Love makes our lives worth it.



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