I am 74, have been triple-vaccinated, got my flu shot and always wear a mask. Therefore, I have come through COVID without a sneeze.

I do not want to be sent out of town or state if I become ill or have a medical emergency, but be treated locally as I should.

Our governor is so proud of bringing in the National Guard to assist in he hospital disaster we are in in this state. I have a better idea. The Guard has armories throughout this state, even a large one in Keene.

Move all the unvaccinated COVID patients there to be cared for by the Guard. Move them, not us.

Sanitize and return the hospitals, including ours, to their purpose: caring for the local population, not people who don’t care about themselves or anyone else.

Nurses and all health care professionals can only take so much, as Amy Neal, P.A., at Cheshire Medical’s emergency room stated in The Sentinel on Dec. 21 (“We are doing our very best, but we are drowning”).

How much more do the rest of us have to take?



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