Nationally, employers will now be allowed to require their employees to receive the COVID-19 vaccines, which have only emergency approval. New Hampshire and other states may pass measures against this; nevertheless, it’s time to examine the implications.

It appears that an old conservative argument — that given diminishing religious belief, the state will usurp the place of God — is being proven true again, with an interesting twist. Our modern state, lacking the intestinal fortitude for the role, has passed it on to our business culture, including schools and universities. With increasingly narrow medical and religious exceptions, your boss, or school administrator, will now decide what will happen to your body, making medical decisions for you. He (or she — political correctness occupying a central place in the new, godless religion) will play lord and master, and your survival in a monetary society will depend on an increasingly physical, intimate form of obedience and loss of control.

I doubt that many employers will be entirely comfortable with this incredible increase in power, but for those strange few who will, I say, enjoy it while you can: This paradigm shift will find its counterpart in a thousand revolutionary upstarts (and start-ups). Those of us under your command now find ourselves in a new world, and though we may have more than our chains to lose, you have even more at stake — and now the stakes are higher.

Hang on to your desks.