An important bill pending in the U.S. House of Representatives (H.R. 921) needs to have Rep. Annie Kuster sign on as a cosponsor. (N.H. Rep. Chris Pappas has been a cosponsor since April.)

The complete bill says “It is the policy of the United states to not use nuclear weapons first.” This No First Use (NFU) policy makes more sense than ever before, especially in light of volatile conditions in the Middle East, and Turkish President Erdogan’s apparent interest in obtaining nuclear weapons for Turkey, where the U.S. already has 50 such weapons deployed.

A NFU policy would add safety to false-alarm situations (remember the missile scare in Hawaii?) or reactions to conventional weapons that might be hurriedly interpreted as nuclear, by the U.S. or by an adversary. Catastrophic nuclear responses would make it almost impossible to de-escalate, at a time when reducing tensions would be the best course.

Votes in several New Hampshire town meetings and in several city councils, as well as a recent poll by the University of New Hampshire, show that a majority of people in New Hampshire, regardless of political affiliations, support this policy, and other measures to reduce the possibility of nuclear war. (see

A bill that’s the same as H.R. 921 has been introduced in the U.S. Senate, S. 272. It is also waiting for Sens. Hassan and Shaheen to become cosponsors. What are these three women waiting for? The people are waiting for our leaders to follow.


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