After reading the article in The Sentinel, “With rent rising at downtown apartments, tenants worry about future” (July 17-18), it is clear apartment building owners have become way out of line with rental fees. For people such as Laura Tobin, worry is more than understandable after learning your rent will suddenly go up an overwhelming $400 a month. That is ridiculous after signing a lease, living in the same apartment for four years.

Not all people who work are able to afford very high rent as their living expenses would exceed their incomes, leaving them no choice but to live with friends or families or sadly, become homeless.

Private landlords need to realize Keene is not Manhattan, N.Y. Most people who are able to afford such high rents are more likely to purchase their own home or condo, not throwing their paychecks they work hard for into a rental one- or two-bedroom apartment ... many many hard working people with lower incomes are just getting by ... especially since COVID.

If your paycheck is eaten up by rent, then chances are, you will not be able to meet your car payment to keep your car to get to work, so you’d end up forced into breaking your lease, giving up the apartment ... a no-win for landlords and tenants.

In my opinion, landlords need to set their rental fees according to the area they rent; you don’t offer an apartment in small town Keene, with rental fees geared more for bigger cities where pay is higher as in Chicago or Manhattan.

Where is the compassion for other humans, and when did this world focus on monetary gain alone?