I recently learned that Keene State College does not furnish soap or paper towels in their restrooms. When a parent questioned this practice, he was told that it was considered a cost savings initiative — they were saving monies on the soap and paper towels — and was also a green initiative, “because they are no longer supplying the paper towels.” This was public information, they said, available to students and their parents prior to the start of the new school year and should not be a surprise to them now.

My grandson attends this college, has had several colds and an unusual number of days where he wasn’t feeling up to par. With 50 other students utilizing the restroom facilities in his dormitory, the process of washing one’s hands after using the facility and not properly drying them is certainly spreading germs and will lead to a serious outbreak of the flu, C-DIF or infections.

OSHA requires all employers to furnish bathroom facilities to its employees, which have toilet facilities, urinals, soap and paper towels or electric hand dryers. I’m presuming the college doesn’t maintain separate bathroom facilities for their staff/ employees and students in all of their buildings. This law also applies to any building open to the general public which one must assume a dormitory at this college would be.

Should this be the case, the college is breaking the law and placing their community at risk. Keene State housing officials need to immediately reverse this policy and provide the soap and paper towels or electric hand dryers to all their employees and students to protect the health and well-being of their students, faculty, employees and the surrounding community it inhabits as the law requires it.


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Enfield, Conn.