To make change happen — in other words, to win the presidency and significant majorities in both houses of Congress — Democrats have to succeed beyond their East and West coast strongholds. That means appealing to America’s center — both geographically and politically.

Successful politicians from the Midwest and non-coastal West understand this, and it is why candidates from these regions tend to be moderate/pragmatic.

Two of the leading Democratic presidential candidates, Mayor Buttigieg and Sen. Klobuchar, fit this description. Mayor Buttigieg is certainly an intelligent, well-spoken candidate with good ideas and an inspiring story to tell. Sen. Klobuchar is intelligent, well-spoken, and has good ideas that she has actually implemented through bipartisan legislation in the U.S. Senate.

She also has experience winning state-wide elections, something Mayor Buttigieg does not.

Politics is often described as the “art of the possible.” Since when has it been a good idea for presidents to lack national or statewide political experience? How many of us want to be represented by an inexperienced lawyer, or operated on by an inexperienced surgeon? Is it in our country’s best interest to reward political novices running for president?

We need a president with the ability to appeal to and work with the geographic and political center. We also need a president with progressive goals but also a record of bipartisan legislative success.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar is that person.


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