When New Hampshire daily newspapers from Portsmouth to Manchester to Keene pick Amy Klobuchar as the Democratic presidential primary candidate of choice, we need to take notice.

We are the United States, and most Americans want to believe that a united democracy is within reach. President Trump is the chief of division, and that doesn’t work for most of us. The times define that most Americans are seeking a president who can bridge what divides us. The candidate most likely to bridge our country’s economic inequities, social divides and rural-urban differences is Amy Klobuchar.

Amy has a track record of working across political party lines, and she wins in rural and urban areas. She has an untarnished 24-year record in political office. Amy comes from a working-class family. Her calling to political action drives her passion for health care access and prescription reform for all. Her mom — an elementary school teacher — and her public school education drive her to call for greater support for public schools and transitions to college and careers, without overpromising free college for all.

Her concern for closing economic disparities comes from personal experiences in her own family. Supporting families through transitions, be it from addiction, workforce interruptions, child rearing, education failure, or poverty, Amy sees government as a helping hand lifting people up.

Amy’s top priorities are restoring America’s leadership on climate change and immigration reform, both issues she’ll lead through executive orders in her first 100 day plan. She’ll lead on thorny issues like gun violence and election-finance reform.

I served as a chief financial officer for 32 years. I respect progressive values and fiscally responsible approaches. Amy is the candidate with the experience of success with her colleagues to speak with authority, aims high, and takes realistic steps toward achieving her goals.

Amy will be a president for all the nation, not one coast or another. She can lead the Democratic ticket and help candidates down the ballot and across the nation. I encourage Granite Staters to join me in supporting Amy Klobuchar for president.


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(This writer represents District 10 in the N.H. Senate.)