I think we look at issues from wrong perspectives.

The issue of Jamal Khashoggi’s alleged murder has created a pause in the relationships between major arms-supplying countries and Saudi Arabia. Germany has halted future arms sales to the Saudis, and Germany’s economics minister has suggested other E.U. members take the same action.

Our country’s position is still clouded by the possibility that contracts worth billions will be compromised, jobs will be lost, oil prices will rise and diplomatic relations with an ally against Iran will suffer.

Obviously steps should be taken to address Khashoggi’s wrongful death, but there are even larger issues here. They are the Saudi government’s bombing of hospitals and subsequent killing of children and civilians in Yemen.

Being the world’s largest weapons exporter, as well as Saudi Arabia’s number-one weapons supplier, we are implicated in these actions. Our military’s refueling of Saudi bombers on their bombing raids in Yemen adds further to our involvement in this atrocity. For me, to subordinate our complicity in the death of many over Khashoggi’s death shows a loss of our moral compass.

Arguments about U.S. job loss are specious. There are many new technologies and areas for job creation. The incentives for growth now afforded to weapons and munitions manufacturers could instead provide new jobs in medicine, alternative energy, environmental conservation, better transportation, etc., and could provide continued employment and technological advancement in many needed sectors of our society.

Likewise, fears over the loss of billions of dollars due to increased oil pricing are backward-looking. Oil is a limited resource with many drawbacks. Its use results in climate change and increases our dependence on Saudi Arabia. Oil is not the fuel of the future. Supporting alternatives now will ensure our growth and provide for a cleaner and safer world for our children.

To make America great again we need to rediscover our soul and problem-solving abilities.


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