There are many pieces to our community’s future: energy, environment, social justice, traffic flow, parking and the vibrancy of downtown, as well as others. The council/city have been generally good at addressing those needs. A smaller one that is important, but does not get sufficient attention, is sidewalks.

Councilor Bobby Williams has been on it, advocating for better flow of foot traffic. Since I live in Ward 2, I am more aware of the needs here, but not to diminish the needs elsewhere.

In particular is one of the city’s main arteries and the main artery of the ward, Roxbury Street. I know that those sidewalks are seriously in need of attention with indentations that become ponds or ice rinks depending on the precipitation. That necessitates sloshing or sliding or, worse, walking in the street, which is not safe for pedestrians or cars.

In addition to the safety of walkers, joggers, bikers, wheelchairs, etc., sidewalks are the mobility of those who do not have cars. Besides, the fewer cars downtown, the better, in terms of environment as well as parking. Plus if foot traffic is encouraged, that supports downtown merchants as well.

So right on, Councilor Williams, and your quest for a vibrant and mobile community.


171 Roxbury St.