The Keene City Council is amazing.

Recently they ended global warming in Keene by passing a resolution. They really stepped up when they ended nuclear war by sending a letter. A couple years ago they ended oil fracking when they stopped the gas pipeline. Just the other day, I heard a mayoral candidate state they were going to end the heroin problem.

Is there nothing the council can’t do?

Come to think of it, they can’t maintain the water garden they insisted on putting in front of my house. They can’t repair the damaged fancy curbing they put around it either.

Nor do they plow Emerald Street where I pay $100,000 per year for taxes. That’s for one building, by the way. I am not exaggerating when I say I have to fix the potholes in the street myself.

I should count my blessings. The Keene City Council is working on all that other stuff that not one state nor the federal government can fix.


499 Washington St.